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Birthdate:Apr 20
Location:Arizona, United States of America
I'm... a lot of people, all at once. I'm a student, a writer, a knight, a wizard, in love with the English language. I keep a dead-tree journal for my own private musings, so this is a place mainly for communicating with others. My fiction blog is over at [profile] eclectic_score, and the Symphony's community is [personal profile] here_within.

This journal is friends only, and I don't use it a whole lot. If you have a question, leave me a comment.

I am a Tigana Fan!

Interests (150):

abnormal psychology, alexander the great, angel/spike, angels, angels sauntering vaguely downwards, arcadya, ariel, astral travel, babylon 5, bisexuality, books, buffy the vampire slayer, byron, cait sith, cats, cid highwind, clever masturbatory technique, clever puns, cloud strife, comics, crawling through air ducts, dancing with my beloved, dawn, daydreaming, death, disney animation, dr. henry jekyll, dreams, edward hyde, elevator sex, empaths, emperor bryon, enrico maxwell, erotica, fairy tales, fallen angels, fanfiction, fantasy, fanvids, feminism, final fantasy, forests, full metal alchemist, gay rights, gi joe, guy gavriel kay, hannibal lector, harry potter, hellsing, hojoxlucrecia, indiana jones, internal landscapes, iscariot, j. michael straczynski, jars of clay, joseph conrad, joseph michael linsner, joss whedon, jrr tolkien, kelvar sagan, kything, labcoats, league of extraordinary gentlemen, little glass vials, logical lubricants, lord of the rings, lost wings, magic, mako, mary shelley, masks, metatron, mina murray, minor characters, mirage, monty python, multiplicity, music, mythology, neovictorianism, nibelheim, not-quite-fallen angels, obscure backstory, occultism, past life recall, percy bysshe shelley, peter jackson, phantom of the opera, pixar, polyamory, polyfidelity, population control, protection from bigots, rain, reno, romance, rpgs, rude, rufus shinra, ruling with fear, samael, secret handshakes, secret vatican sects, sephirothxzackxcloud, sexuality, sharing head space, shaski, shera, shinra company picnic, shinra inc., sir integra hellsing, slash, sleeping, sorceresses and knights, soulbonding, sparks, spike, squall leonheart, stephen king, storytelling, stupid in-jokes, sushi, sword dancing, swordfighting, swordplay, swords, syndrome, tarot, tea, the english language, the incredibles, the multiverse, the shadows, the sims, the turks, tsengxrufus, uriel, vampires, victoriana, villains, wall market, watching the snow fall, wings, witchcraft, world domination, world-building, wutai, x-men, yaoi, zydrate
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